About Me

My name is Jenna Denomme. I grew up in the small town of Cheshire, Connecticut, with my mom and younger brother.

I graduated from Cheshire Academy in 2019 and went on to study creative writing at Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts. In my final year there, I wrote an 18-page hybrid memoir piece as my capstone, and a 60-page one-act play that, along with my playwriting classmates’ scripts, got performed by students in the spring. I also wrote several pieces of short fiction and short one-scene plays over the span of those four years. Now, I’m looking for opportunities to apply my writing and editing skills in the real world.

My other passions include singing, acting, video games, and overanalyzing media.

Here are some rapid-fire fun facts!

  • I’m an introvert;
  • My favorite colors are blue and purple;
  • I’m on the autism spectrum;
  • I watch a lot of videos about movies, video games, and Internet culture on YouTube;
  • My favorite animals are ravens!
A picture of a small raven perched on a tree branch. There are many other branches in the background, covered with white ice.
“IR raven” by Danny.33 is licensed under a CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

Alright, back to the slightly more serious stuff. Let’s talk about personal values.

Inspiration is important to me because it motivates most things I do, especially creative endeavors. I can’t bring myself to focus on things that I lack inspiration for. Sudden sparks of ingenuity, when the pieces of a thought puzzle I’ve been trying to solve come together, or a new idea is born, always make me feel elated and energized. Inspiration is also what makes me a unique individual. I’m the only person who sees the world in the way I do, and that leads me to insights many others would never have thought of. But that doesn’t make me a better person than anyone else; everyone has their own insights and gets inspired by different things, which is part of what makes the world such a wonderful place.

The one thing I value higher than that is compassion for others. It’s the other reason why I always try to consider other people’s perspectives on a topic. We should look out for our fellow humans, not on the basis of whether they fit our arbitrary standards of “the norm” or “contributing to society”, but because they’re people. That’s all it takes. However, I am in the processing of evolving beyond just practicing passive, blind compassion, to become willing to show anger towards and fight back against ideologies and people that cause net harm. If treating a certain idea as worth debating and something we can just “agree to disagree” on causes a group of people to feel unfairly depreciated, disrespected, or outright attacked, respecting that idea is callous, not compassionate.

…that got heavy. Let’s lighten things up with some photos of my family’s puppy, a miniature golden doodle named Sadie!

Much better. If you’d like to know more random things about me, check out this page!